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From Custom Automotive Accessories to Quality PPE in 3 Weeks

Upon launching our new automotive company in February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began its fast and furious global spread.  We quickly started working on a unique new mask design and retooling of our injection molding and die-cutting systems to create our premium quality NXTGEN EasyFlow™ F0230 reusable face masks. NXTGEN, Inc owns multiple subsidiaries, including NXTGEN Automotive, and we closed all of our businesses to focus our full attention on this vitally important project.

Unique New Design

This unique new design was initially created with frontline healthcare providers in mind. The compact nature of the model F0230 mask allows for the use of other job specific PPE. A medical grade silicone face gasket helps to provide an excellent seal and combined with the adjustable strap system, allows for flexible face placement.

Other notable features and benefits include:

  • Medical grade impact copolymer inner and outer frames
  • Easier breathing and cooler vs N95 respirators
  • Lab tested HEPA filters, which are specifically intended for respirator use
  • Will not fog glasses or other PPE due to a tight seal
  • Quick and easy sanitization with alcohol or disinfecting wipes as needed
  • Flexible positioning allows for one size fits most
  • Replaceable filters, good for up to 40 hours or 30 days of use, per filter. The set includes 5 filters with replacements available.

Our COVID-19 Response

We originally designed the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask in March 2020 for use by frontline healthcare workers during extreme PPE shortages. Model F0230 is a compact and shallow design so that downward visibility during procedures is preserved and it can be worn with other PPE, loops and lights under a shield. While most respirators are rather deep, our unique design has a similar low profile fit to a surgical mask, with the robust filtering ability of a respirator. The unique silicone gasket design allows flexible placement on the face. Those with small faces can tuck the chin inside the mask, medium size faces can wear the mask on the chin and those with larger faces can wear above the chin but below the mouth, allowing one size to fit most. The NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask Model F0230 is available to both clinicians and the general public. Please consider the shallow design of this mask, as it is designed for a low profile fit. This may cause discomfort for some, especially those with larger noses. To date, we have tens of thousands of masks in use, the majority of which are worn by frontline healthcare workers worldwide. In the clinical setting, we have a 90% positive fitment rate with one size.

Mask Placement

Each mask set includes detailed instructions regarding assembly, cleaning and filter change intervals.

*Disclaimer: The individual components of the F0230 mask have been independently lab tested to meet FDA & NIOSH standards when used in other devices. As a brand new product, this mask has not yet been evaluated or approved by the FDA or NIOSH. This product is not currently an FDA approved medical device. Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. HEPA filtration is dependent upon proper fit, seal and use. This mask is used solely at the user’s own risk. Read all instructions prior to use.

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