EasyFlow Mask™ Replacement Filters

Genuine HEPA Replacement Filters

Important Note Regarding Our Filters: The HEPA filters used in our masks are genuine H&V Technosat® Plus filter media. This material is intended and approved for respiratory protection. These filters are electrostatic needle punched, non-woven synthetic blends. They do not contain fiberglass. 

Purchase replacement HEPA filters for your NXTGEN EasyFlow™ reusable face mask. Sold as a set of 5 filters, they are custom die-cut to fit your NXTGEN mask.

Technostat® is a tribo-electret media and has unique charged characteristics which allow the filtration of sub micron particle sizes.
Our filters have passed stringent biocompatibility requirements set by the FDA and have proven to be highly efficient in terms of protection against Viruses and Bacteria. Our benchmark testing done at Nelson Labs has resulted in filters obtaining up to 99.99% efficiencies against the transmission of these harmful bacteria and viruses with proper seal.


Technostat® Plus filter media is also well known to provide much less breathing resistance versus other similarly rated filters. This filter media is intended for use in respirators, unlike fiberglass vacuum and HVAC pleated HEPA filters.

Filters should be replaced:

  • When heavily soiled or damaged
  • Increased breathing resistance occurs
  • They have been used for 40 hours or 30 days

Do not attempt to clean filters!

Sold as a set of 5 filters 

Nelson Laboratories Filter Testing

Our Filter Media is Made Exclusively in The USA

We purchase in bulk and custom die-cut

*Disclaimer: The individual components of the F0230 mask have been independently lab tested to meet FDA & NIOSH standards when used in other devices. As a brand new product, this mask has not yet been evaluated or approved by the FDA or NIOSH. This product is not currently an FDA approved medical device. Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. HEPA filtration is dependent upon proper fit, seal and use. This mask is used solely at the user’s own risk. Read all instructions prior to use. Improper use may lead to sickness or death.

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