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  Deeper Depth Inner Frames and Gaskets Now Available

Our COVID-19 Response

Upon launching our new automotive company in February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began its fast and furious global spread. After producing our automotive products for only 2 months, we immediately started working on the retooling of our injection molding and die-cutting systems to create premium quality reusable respirators to serve global healthcare providers in the face of extreme PPE shortages.

  Masks Versus Respirators 


In a medical setting, is there a difference between a respirator and a surgical mask?
Yes, respirators protect from exposure to airborne particles. In healthcare, this protects from exposure to biological aerosols including viruses and bacteria. Surgical masks are a barrier to splashes, droplets, and spit. Respirators are designed to seal tight to the face of the wearer as a filtering device. Masks are loose fitting and respirators are tight fitting. In the clinical setting, respirators often require a fit test to ensure full protection.
What is the difference between a cloth mask and a respirator? 
A cloth  face mask is a relatively loose fitting piece compared to a respirator; however, both should securely cover the nose and mouth area to be effective. Cloth masks typically have 2 ear loops that stretch around the ears to hold the mask in place, and respirators only use head straps. Cloth face masks are designed to be used as one-way protection only, capturing large particles or droplets exiting from the wearer and preventing them from being spread into the environment, typically used to prevent the spread of common colds and flu’s. Contrary to belief, cloth face masks DO NOT protect the wearer as a filtering device from biological aerosols. Typically most face masks do not have any protection factor assigned to them and are not an approved protective apparatus, even when equipped with filters. They are only recommended as a precautionary measure to protect the people around you.
A respirator is a tight fitting mask that creates a tight facial seal. Each respirator type, when used properly, will create a facial seal that will provide protection from fine particulates, pathogens and aerosols based on the specific filter media. Respirators will always have head straps and never ear loops.

Respirators come in 3 distinct categories:

  1. Disposable (typically N95)
  2. Half face reusable
  3. Full face reusable

What is the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask™?

Our product is designed to function as a half face respirator, which provides fine particle filtration (micron and sub-micron) with proper fit and seal. Our filter media has been independently lab tested to provide 99.99% filtration of sub-micron particles at .3 microns, with notable filtration as low as .1 micron. Our full masks were subjected to these same lab tests and were found to filter 99.8%  – 99.9% of these same micron and sub-micron particles. Filtration is highly dependent upon a good fit and seal, as these tiny particles will follow the path of least resistance. Something as little as light stubble on a male face can greatly reduce the seal and sub-micron filtration efficacy.

Cloth mask viral and bacterial filtration

Below is one of the most comprehensive lab tests done on the filtration ability of various cloth material masks. This looked into multiple fabric types such as cotton, silk, synthetics and mixed media. 3 ply cotton or tightly woven 3 ply mixed media, with a tight fit and no gaps was the most effective at filtering particulates. Both the 3 ply cotton and 3 ply tight woven mixed media masks were found in bacterial efficiency and viral efficiency testing to filter about 50% of particulates at 6 microns. While this is statistically some protection and better than nothing, it becomes very apparent that cloth has little filtering efficacy in regard to aerosols.

The above graphic depicts the upstream and downstream laboratory testing of the best performing, tightest fitting cloth masks. You can see that it does not become statistically relevant from a filter efficacy standpoint until about 6 microns. With a poor mask fit, this can drop by 50% or more very quickly. The graphic on the right is most important for evaluation, especially the .3-3 micron range. That is the FDA testing range for BFE and VFE. N95 masks should filter 95% in this range and HEPA should filter 99.97% in this range. 3 ply cloth masks that fit well protect others, but have almost no efficacy protecting the wearer in this aerosol range. With proper fit and seal, the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask™ has laboratory tested filter efficiency of 99.9% in this .3 to 3 micron range.

Quickly Adapting to The New Normal

Freedom | Flexibility | Safety 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in the spring of 2020, widespread mask usage has become the new normal. In fact, the US CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield called face masks the most “powerful public health tool we have.” “I might even go so far as to say that a face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine,” said Dr. Redfield.

Not all face masks are created equally. Some surgical masks have FDA approval for liquid resistance and not filtration, while other masks, like fashionable cloth masks, cannot provide the robust sub-micron filtration like respirators. Most cloth masks make breathing difficult, also, while muffling the voice and fogging up glasses.

NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask™ Benefits:

  • REUSABLE NOT DISPOSABLE: Injection molded using medical grade impact copolymer and silicone. Quickly and easily sanitize as often as needed with alcohol, disinfecting wipes or mild cleaning solution with no need to launder.


  • PREMIUM HEPA FILTERS: The finest name brand medical grade HEPA filters. The H&V Technostat® Plus filters are designed and approved for respiratory protection and contain ZERO fiberglass. They provide 99.9% filtration to .3 microns and will not muffle the voice or fog up glasses with proper fit and seal. 


  • COST-EFFECTIVE TO USE: Each mask set includes electrostatic HEPA filters that can be used for approximately 40 hours or 30 days of use per filter. Replacement filter sets are also available for purchase.


  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE: The adjustable straps and silicone face gasket enable one size to fit most. Small faces can wear under the chin, medium faces on the chin and larger faces can wear above the chin. Our single model has a uniquely designed frame that can be vented or not depending upon the users’ needs. 


  • HIGHLY BREATHABLE: The NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask™ features robust sub-micron filtration and incredible breathability. Our unique design has been widely used by frontline healthcare providers, businesses and the general public. These attributes make our NXTGEN mask a useful tool for all households far beyond the pandemic.

Reusable Not Disposable

The NXTGEN Easyflow™ reusable face mask is a new design that wears like a low profile mask, but functions similarly to industrial respirators. The inner and outer frame is made of FDA approved injection molded impact copolymer. This type of plastic is very light weight, durable and can be regularly sanitized as needed. The  frames and silicone face gasket can be washed in warm soapy water, sanitized with isopropyl alcohol and disinfecting wipes or even steam cleaned. There is no need to launder the NXTGEN mask and it can be quickly cleaned as often as needed.

Reusable HEPA Filter Mask

Save Money & Reduce Waste 

The NXTGEN Easyflow™ reusable face mask comes with electrostatic filters, which can last up to 40 hours or 30 days per filter. This gives users incredible HEPA level filtration for under $1 per use. When compared to disposable N95 and similar masks, the NXTGEN mask provides exceptional value.

As widespread mask usage becomes part of the new normal, a significant uptick in PPE litter can be seen on city streets, at beaches and in neighborhoods. Not only does a high-quality reusable mask better protect the wearer, it also helps to cut down unnecessary waste and litter.

Replaceable Electrostatic HEPA Filters 

Important Note Regarding Our Filters: The HEPA filters used in our masks are genuine H&V Technosat® Plus filter media. This material is intended and approved for respiratory protection. These filters are electrostatic needle punched, non-woven synthetic blends. They do not contain fiberglass. 

Technostat® is a tribo-electret media and has unique charged characteristics which allow the filtration of sub micron particle sizes.
Our filters have passed stringent biocompatibility requirements set by the FDA and have proven to be highly efficient in terms of protection against Viruses and Bacteria. Our benchmark testing done at Nelson Labs has resulted in filters obtaining up to 99.99% efficiencies against the transmission of these harmful bacteria and viruses with proper seal.

These are particulate filters and are not suitable for use with toxic gases or vapors. These filters should be replaced:

  • When heavily soiled or damaged
  • Increased breathing resistance occurs
  • They have been used for 40 hours or 30 days

Replacement filter sets are available for purchase to keep your model F0230 mask functioning at peak performance.

Technostat® plus filter media is also well known to provide much less breathing resistance versus other similarly rated filters. This style of mask is much easier to breathe in compared to other N95 or P100 half face respirators.

Our Filter Media is Made Exclusively in The USA

We purchase in bulk and custom die-cut

Filtered or Unfiltered Exhalation Valve

Our unique mask design is highly adaptable for various uses. While most respirator manufacturers have multiple models, both valved and non-valved, we have one flexible model that can be changed based on the users’ needs. Moisture can degrade the electrostatic filters efficiency. For those working outdoors, engaging in rigorous physical activity or wearing for long periods of time, a moisture exhalation valve has been built into the frame. For occupations or usage where an exhalation valve is not suitable, the valve can be completely filtered. To filter the exhalation valve and seal it off, simply cut a piece of filter and place it over the ridge on the outer frame. This plastic ring on the outer frame is just slightly smaller than the filter hole, and will punch the extra piece into the filter hole like a snap and seal it off. We also have replacement filters available without the moisture outlet hole.


Disposable Valved 3M Medical NIOSH / FDA Surgical N95


Disposable Non-Valved 3M Medical NIOSH / FDA Surgical N95

NXTGEN EasyFlow™ is Fully Adaptable With One Mask Model

Flexible Facial Placement

The NXTGEN EasyFlowMask™ is a one size fits most respirator. The unique gasket design allows users 1-2 inches of vertical adjustability in regard to facial placement. Small faces may tuck the chin fully inside the gasket, while medium faces can wear on the chin. Those with larger faces can wear above the chin but below the mouth.

Specifically Designed With Medical PPE in Mind

A Product Designed During The Pandemic
Before the CDC recommended mask wearing for the general public and amid terrible PPE shortages for frontline healthcare providers, NXTGEN quickly sprang into action. The heart of our EasyFlow Masks™ is the incredible filter media. H&V Technostat® is a world-renowned electrostatic filter material that is known for its robust sub-micron filtering ability and free flowing nature.
Our unique, shallow design can be sanitized quickly, as often as needed, and allows the use of other PPE and medical equipment. For clinicians treating COVID patients, the ability to stack multiple layers of PPE helps to keep them safer. Compared to the 3M 7093 or similar half face P100 respirators, the EasyFlow Mask™ better accommodates hoods, shields, goggles and similar devices. The dual frame design also creates an incredibly flexible respirator, which can be customized in many ways.
Valved and non-valved filters can be used depending upon the scope of work being done. Compared to traditional respirators, our design can easily have full valve filtration and surgical masks can simply be cut and placed in front of the filter media, internally, or worn over our respirator for added liquid resistance.
Used and Recommended By Frontline Healthcare Workers Worldwide

Independent Laboratory Tested

Freedom | Flexibility | Safety 

In addition to healthcare professionals worldwide, the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask™ has been widely adopted by the general public. This is due to its combination of robust filtration and unparalleled breathability. During these uncertain times, the NXTGEN EasyFlow Mask™ provides freedom, flexibility and safety. Unlike traditional high-filtration respirators, it is even breathable enough to be comfortably used for:

Fitness & Workouts

Travel, Leisure & Work

Fashionable & Customizable 

*Disclaimer: The individual components of the F0230 mask have been independently lab tested to meet FDA & NIOSH standards when used in other devices. As a brand new product, this mask has not yet been evaluated or approved by the FDA or NIOSH. This product is not currently an FDA approved medical device. Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA. HEPA filtration is dependent upon proper fit, seal and use. This mask is used solely at the user’s own risk. Read all instructions prior to use. Improper use may lead to sickness or death.

Please Note: Mask and filter sets are not returnable or refundable once fulfilled. For safety reasons, we cannot accept returned items whatsoever. Mask sets are one size fits most. 

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