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NXTGEN, Inc is a Carlsbad, California based company that owns and operates several businesses around the world. Our various NXTGEN companies custom design products for virtually every industry, and all of our products are created with quality and value in mind.

Other NXTGEN, Inc business include:

An industry leader in the custom design and creation of giant Parade balloons, scientific and special use inflatables, trade show balloons and custom advertising inflatables.

The Founding of NXTGEN Automotive

Our journey started as consumers when we were looking for custom blind spot mirrors for our vehicles. Unfortunately, they did not exist for most makes and models. While there are a lot of universal products readily available, the functionality and aesthetics were a constant let down. As diehard automotive enthusiasts, we decided to found a company, which specializes in the custom design and creation of high-quality automotive accessories. When we set out to create our Extended View™ product line, our goal was to develop an affordable accessory that functioned like it came with the vehicle from the factory.

Our first blind spot mirror model required over 7 months of research, development, engineering, prototyping and road testing. This exhaustive pursuit of ‘getting it right,’ combined with the tooling of various molds required significant funding to bring to market. We are a Southern California based company and our entire process is proudly US based.

The end result of our Extended View™ development process is a product we are proud to put on our vehicles and one that makes our families safer. We use only premium quality components, including the finest grade of real glass available. This ensures the best long term clarity and durability. We are committed to continuously investing in the design and creation of new models. We hope to add you to the NXTGEN Automotive family for an enhanced, safer driving experience.

From Custom Automotive Accessories to Quality PPE in 3 Weeks

Upon launching our new automotive company in February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began its fast and furious global spread.  We quickly started working on a unique new mask design and retooling of our injection molding and die-cutting systems to create our premium quality NXTGEN F0230 reusable face masks. NXTGEN, Inc owns multiple subsidiaries, including NXTGEN Automotive, and we closed all of our businesses to focus our full attention on this vitally important project.

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