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Finally.. Thanks For A Great Product!

I bought a 2017 330i about a year ago. While overall visibility is pretty good, I have always liked the added visibility of convex mirrors. What I don’t like is the look of the universal fit ones, as well as the fact that most are too distorted to provide a very useful view. I have kept my eye out for a while, but saw nothing until these popped up. I gave them a shot and I am totally thrilled. They are custom made for my car, so they fit well, look good, and function great. Blind spot visibility is well covered and parallel parking is easier, especially on the drivers side where the added visibility is significant. I have auto dip mirrors, but I turned that off on day one. When viewing the car from a distance, these look factory.

– AS in Southern California

Excellent quality and works very well

I have a BMW  X1. As is the case with many SUVs, there are some obstructions concerning visibility. As I age, neck mobility is also not quite what it used to be. I never really considered any modifications to my car until these became avilable. I am not the handy type, but had these on in less than 5 minutes. The quality of glass and clarity is excellent. The look from outside the car is almost unnoticeable and the appearance from inside the car is very respectable. Some car brands have similar mirrors built-in and they are totally flush inside the mirror glass. These are not, but that would be impossible with an add-on. The bottom line is, they work well enhancing visibility and I am very pleased with the look.

– Mike in Miami

Terrific value

I drive to the city a lot and that involves a lot of merging onto expressways and changing lanes in very congested conditions. I have long debated whether or not I should put the Euro OEM blind spot mirrors on my BMW. My model has auto dimming mirrors so that set is over $700. If I gave up the dimming feature and just went with the standard heated version it is still $300 bucks. That is a tough pill to swallow for a little increase in visibility. I have also read there are pros and cons to that style. Having the convex portion heated or dimming is a plus, but it is a small vertical area and the view is not very big. The separation between it and the regular mirror can be hard to distinguish during a quick glance. For several hundreds of dollars, the reviews were mixed and I never pulled the trigger.  As an early user of these, I am extremely happy with how they work. These are exactly what I was looking for. The attention to detail and quality is great at a reasonable price point.

– Bill from New Jersey

Confidence Inspiring

We have a few vehicles in our household and one of them is a BMW. Recently we added these custom blind spot mirrors to that BMW and it is the only vehicle we have with any type of blind spot mirror.

It took about a week of driving with them to get used to it, figuring out where I wanted to look. Once used to them, the difference is night and day. It is just a quick glance and I can easily merge, pull into traffic, or change lanes. At first these took a little getting used to, now it is very strange driving our other cars without them. I find myself feeling much less confident without them now while changing lanes.

– Kathy B.

Appreciated by a senior

I have loved driving for decades and I have owned many types of vehicles. You know what they say about aging, time to slow down a bit. But I don’t want to! I was intrigued when I saw these on Facebook and purchased them on a whim. A little extra visibility is never a bad thing, right? The company was quick to ship and they arrived promptly. I was happy with the quality as soon as I put them on.

Day 1) Something is in the road and the car in front of me stands on the brakes. I quickly see nothing is next to me and move over. There is no way I could turn and look that quickly without these mirrors. These saved my butt and I recommend to all.

– Gary R.

BMW X1- A great product!

Although I adjusted the side mirrors on my 2019 X1 according to recommendations in this article:
https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15131074/how-to-adjust-your-mirrors-to-avoid-blind-spots/, I found that the NXTGEN mirrors enhance rear quarter views even more. Once the rear quarter view in your center rearview mirror is no longer visible, then the view in properly-adjusted side mirrors will appear. After that, the NXTGEN mirrors tell you the moment that any passing vehicle is no longer just approaching in your blind spot, it is right next to you. Although I owned a car with blind-spot detection, I still prefer using my mirrors for ultimate feedback. NXTGEN mirrors provide that with excellent quality for a very reasonable price.

– Rudy S.


I’ve installed the mirrors and they are outstanding. Thank you for such a quality product to match up to BMW standards.  It will make driving our X1 much safer as well. Best to you and your company. I will certainly pass on to fellow drivers your fine product.


Game Changer

Visibility is usually at the end of my list when I go buy a car. If I can see/adjust the side mirrors clearly then I move on. But day-to-day it’s a whole different story. Visibility with the side mirrors always becomes a glaring issue on highways during traffic, merging, or backing up. I never feel 100% confident because I know there are blind spots. This forces me to recklessly look over my shoulder for peace of mind. NXTGEN Automotive has been the biggest game-changer for my BMW. First off they look great and the finish is superb. Now it’s so easy to look at the mirrors and feel confident about changing lanes knowing that there aren’t any surprises in my blindspot. I would consider this a must-buy for any BMW owner.
-Steven Borja

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