AeroGrip™ Installation Instructions

AeroGrip™ Instructions



Surface Preparation

Prior to installing your NXTGEN AeroGrip(s)™, it is important to prepare your crossbars by throughly cleaning and drying them. It is recommended to use either 70% or 91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, which will remove all contaminates and residues. This surface preparation will promote the best possible adhesion between the 3M VHB™ adhesive and your crossbars. You may choose to leave your crossbars on the vehicle or remove them based on your own preferences and weather conditions.

3M VHB™(very heavy bond) is a premium, high performance adhesive intended to create a lifelong bond to properly prepared metal, glass and plastic surfaces and is designed to commercially replace nuts and bolts. While VHB™ can stick to rubber, a special adhesive promotor is required for proper bonding. Therefore, it is advised to adhere AeroGrips™ to glass, metal or plastic products only. For best results, it is recommended to install AeroGrips™ at a minimum ambient temperature range between 65 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If the ambient temperature is below this range, it is recommended to warm your crossbars with a hair dryer prior to installation. If installing in a warm environment, you may skip this step.

Test Fitting

Before installation it is recommended to determine your desired placement and test fit the AeroGrip™ strip(s) before adhering.

NXTGEN AeroGrips™ are a universal product, which can be cut to size and placed as needed to best fit your specific crossbars and crossbar accessories.

Please Note: For best results, AeroGrip™ strips should be placed on the forward facing or center portions of the crossbar and not the rear. 


Now that the surface has been prepared and you have test fit the AeroGrip™ strips, it is time for installation. Remove a few inches of the adhesive backing and carefully place the endpoint as desired, then press it in place. Hold the endpoint and then peel small portions of adhesive back at a time and work in small, 3-5 inch portions at a time. Please Note: It is advised to not stretch the strips while adhering, as the extra tension can lessen the adhesives bond. 

In order to size the AeroGrip™ strips as needed for your project, simply cut with a scissors. You can slightly stretch the strip if needed to get a clean cut.

Setting The Adhesive 

A critical step in the installation process is to set the adhesive between the AeroGrip™ and crossbar. In order to achieve this, simply heat each strip for a few minutes. We recommend using a hair dryer in order to heat the adhesive and rubber without it getting too hot from a heat gun. Be sure to evenly heat the areas, as the heat is highly important to setting the adhesive. Massage the strips down after heating and be careful of warm surfaces.

Securing The Ends

In order to ensure long term adhesion and durability, it is recommended to secure the endpoints, which can be prone to lifting in some circumstances. On some crossbar models, this can simply be achieved by tucking AeroGrip™ strips under the plastic end-caps.

On crossbars where AeroGrip™ strips cannot fit under the crossbar end-caps, it is recommend to secure the endpoints with a small dab of adhesive. This is achieved by Placing the adhesive between the rubber strip and the 3M VHB™ (not on the actual crossbar) to prevent the rubber from lifting or rolling off of the 3M at the end points. Peel about 1/2 an inch of 3M VHB™ from the rubber strip and apply a dab of adhesive. Allow to cure and complete the installation.

AeroGrip™ Removal

Need to remove your AeroGrip™ Strips? Removal is quick and easy, simply heat the strip and start by peeling an endpoint. Use caution as the components may be hot to the touch. A plastic putty knife or trim tool may be used to aid in peeling the strips. Once removed, Goo Gone®, rubbing alcohol or similar can be used to remove any remaining adhesive residue.