Ram Custom Blind Spot Mirrors
Extend the visibility of your factory Ram side-view mirrors

Today’s vehicles are becoming increasingly more complex. With each new generation comes a host of new safety features and digital driver aids. Despite all of this modern technology, one thing remains consistent over the decades; the ability to quickly and easily see around your vehicle is vitally important to safe driving. Even with new technologies like blind spot monitoring systems, nothing replaces the ability to actually see the areas surrounding your vehicle at any given moment. No matter how you position your vehicles’ side-view mirrors, by design there will always be areas you cannot see. These areas are called blind spots. A common solution are convex mirrors, which are also known as blind spot mirrors. You will see blind spot mirrors used on virtually all vehicle types, including: motorcycles, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks. These products range from universal add-ons to factory integrated units. Like most products, quality and functionality can vary greatly.

“Just Set Your Mirrors Correctly”

Extended View F0600 Series For Pickup Trucks 

This is something we see being discussed on a regular basis. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published a paper in 1995 suggesting how side-view mirrors could be adjusted to ‘eliminate’ blind spots. The paper advocates adjusting the mirrors so far outward that the viewing angle of side-view mirrors just overlaps the cabin’s rearview mirror. This method can absolutely reduce the common blind spots; however, it also creates new blind spots when done with US market (non-aspherical) mirrors.

By moving the factory mirrors so far outward, visibility around the vehicle is reduced. Instead of eliminating blind spots, this method is actually just shifting them inward toward the vehicle. While vehicles in the traditional blind spots are more visible, parking is much more difficult. Additionally, vehicles, pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles near your vehicle can still be an invisible risk that still require turning to visually check.

No matter how you adjust your side-view mirrors, our Extended View™ blind spot mirrors are custom designed to show the entire blind spot area with clarity not found in other stick-on mirrors.

Far Superior to Universal Blind Spot Mirrors

Custom Ram Blind Spot Mirrors

Designed & Created in The USA

Universal blind spot mirrors come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Some are rimless and others are fully adjustable. Compared to our Extended View™ mirrors, simply put, there is no comparison. The vast majority of universal blind spot mirrors are made of some type of plastic with a reflective coating. The clarity this provides is less than ideal and will also break down over time. Extended View mirrors™ are constructed of real glass, UV resistant polycarbonate and the strongest 3M VHB adhesive. These premium materials meet and exceed the most stringent OEM automotive grade standards. Our mirrors are designed to contour your factory glass, provide the best possible clarity and last the life of your vehicle.

Custom Designed For 4th Gen Ram 1500

Ram 4th Gen 1500 Custom blind spot mirrors

Extended View™ mirrors were designed taking into account the size, scale, curvature and image quality of commercial grade blind spot mirrors. Not just another distorted or far away looking stick-on, Extended View™ can greatly enhance visibility with unrivaled clarity. NXTGEN Automotive is a California based company that designs and creates all of our products in the USA. We engineered our Extended View™ mirrors on 7 planes of curvature to create a stick-on mirror with clarity and quality like nothing you have ever seen.

Extended View™ mirrors are sold as a set of two for the left and right side of your vehicle and can be used on both auto-dimming and non-dimming side-view mirror models, as well as heated mirrors.

The extra visibility provided by Extended View™ is a useful aid in various driving situations, including:

  • Lane changes
  • Emergency maneuvers
  • Towing
  • Increased visibility of pedestrians, motorcycles, bikes and other obstructions around your vehicle
  • Merging into traffic and onto freeways
  • Parallel parking
  • Maneuvering into or around tight spaces
  • and much more!

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