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The Development of Custom Blind Spot Mirrors


From idea to product

The development process begins by refining the contour of our Extended View™ mirrors. One of the most important attributes of custom blind spot mirrors is an OEM-like fit. Our team evaluates a number of factors unique to each specific make and model to determine the proper placement. While lower sitting cars will often have better visibility from properly angled higher mounted mirrors, taller trucks and SUVs typically have a better field of view from lower sitting blind spot mirrors. Once the proper point of placement is determined, the shape of the mirror is engineered to fit the exact contour of your factory mirror. The digital file is then 3D printed and the prototype is test fitted. The shape may need to be refined and a new prototype created a few more times to ensure the fit around the perimeter is just right.

Perfecting the curvature and viewing angle 

Once the shape has been fine tuned, the next step in our process is to begin working on the curvature and viewing angle. This is by far the most complex part of the process, as well as a major factor that differentiates Extended View™ from universal blind spot mirrors. To provide the best possible functionality, the viewing angle and curvature is manipulated on several planes. A number of factors play a role in determining the best combination of viewing angle and curvature. NXTGEN Automotive is committed to using only premium real glass for our Extended View™ products. Compared to the more common plastic, acrylic and polycarbonate universal blind spot mirrors, glass is more complex to work with regarding the maximum amount of custom curvature. Premium quality glass is also much more costly to make, however, it provides the absolute best clarity, durability and overall product.

In order to provide the best possible product, this part of our process can involve as many as 6 or 7 prototype revisions to achieve the best attainable combination of viewing angle and curvature.

An accessory designed to blend in and stay put 

After the viewing angle and curvature is set, our team shifts focus to the smaller details before we are ready to begin the creation of the various molds for mass production. Our Extended View™ custom blind spot mirrors are made of 3 components: custom cut glass inlays, ABS injection molded bases and custom die-cut 3M acrylic tape. Each of these components requires attention to detail in order to deliver the best possible product. Most vehicle manufacturers will utilize some sort of texture when injection molding non-painted plastic components. We study these aspects of the factory mirror housing and texturize Extended View™ to look as similar as possible. All of the curvature that makes our Extended View™ blind spot mirrors function so well is not ideal for adhering to the factory mirrors. A unique flat rim is designed into the base in order to provide an even bonding surface between the base and factory mirror. High-quality 3M double-sided acrylic tape ensures a strong bond.

Tooling and production

Upon completion of our exhaustive development process, premium quality steel molds are created. These molds are capable of producing several hundred thousand units per specific model. Once the 3 components are produced, they are hand assembled, quality controlled and placed in a custom designed clamshell package.

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